Exclusive Partners of FORWARDX Robotics for Greece & Romania

"Automation & Robotics" VOYATZOGLOU team in Logimat 24

FORWARDX Robotics, the largest autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions provider in Asia, proudly announces its partnership with Voyatzoglou as the official distributor in Greece and Romania. This strategic alliance marks a transformative era for warehouse automation in the region.

This collaboration extends to Romania, with Voyatzoglou's subsidiary, EuroFit, playing a key role in distributing FORWARDX AMRs in the market of Northeast Europe.

Nicolas Chee, CEO της FORWARDX Robotics commented: "This collaboration not only will accelerate the logistics automation in the Greek market but also sets a new industry benchmark.

This collaboration holds paramount importance in FORWARDX Robotics' 2024 Go Global strategy.

Through exclusive partnerships with industry leaders worldwide, we aim to deliver superior and more efficient logistics automation solutions to clients globally."

Nickolas Chee CEO ForwardX Robotics & Nick Voyatzoglou CEO VOYATZOGLOU GROUP

"FORWARDX Robotics and the VOYATZOGLOU Group are ready to redefine the landscape of warehouse automation, providing reliable, robust, and cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses in Greece and Romania."
commented Nikos Voyatzoglou, President of the Group

“Automation & Robotics” VOYATZOGLOU team visits ForwardX's premises

The team visits Beijing

FORWARDX takes pride in offering the most extensive range of AMR products globally. The comprehensive lineup, encompassing solutions such as case picking, piece picking, pallet movement, and multi-floor fulfillment, reflects FORWARDX's commitment to addressing diverse industry needs. From small-scale logistics operations to large-scale manufacturing processes, including 3PL, eCommerce, retail, healthcare, grocery, home furnishing, automotive, advanced manufacturing, and more.