Transparency & ensuring

Investors Service

The Investor Service department is responsible for the direct and standardized informing of shareholders, as well as their potential assistance when exercising their rights under the law and the company’s Articles.

The Investor Relations department is responsible for the direct and standardized informing of shareholders regarding:

The dividend stripping, the issuance of new shares, the distribution, registration, waiver and conversion of shares, the period of exercising rights or any changes to time limits,

Giving information regarding the regular or urgent Shareholder’s General Meetings and their decisions,

The distribution of the Annual Financial Report to the shareholders during the Annual General Meeting, as well as of all the published material of the Company in written or electronic form, if asked,

Keeping, according to the legislation, the shares register of the Bank and its updating. For this purpose, the service has a communication manager responsible for communicating with the Central Titles Depository of the Athens Stock Ex-change.


Corporate Announcement Service

The Corporate Announcement Service is responsible for the corporate announcements.

Its responsibilities include:

The communication of the company with the competent authorities of the Capital Market Commission, the Athens Stock Exchange and other competent authorities, such as the Ministry of Development, as well as the Media.

Communicating important entrepreneurial developments to the competent authorities of the Athens Stock Exchange and the Capital Market Commission.

Pre-declaration and communication of important transactions and other financial activities of the members of the Board of Directors, directorial executives and persons in the know of the company’s operations.

Publishing and submitting the Newsletter, the annual and periodical financial reports according to Presidential Decree 360/1985 and the budgetary reports of the Board of Directors and the statutory auditors-accountants of the company to the Capital Market Commission and the Athens Stock Exchange.

Compiling and updating the Liable Individuals List.