Although, Voyatzoglou Systems came to its present corporate structure in 1992, it has been active in the field of trade & distribution of technical products since 1968. Through the years it has managed to excel and become one of the largest companies in the industry.

The company’s headquarters are located in Metamorfosi, Attica on the 12th km of the Athens-Lamia National Road and its distribution center is in a modern and advanced facility. In Northern Greece, the company’s central offices are located on the 35, 26is Octovriou St., Thessaloniki.

Keeping up with new technological innovations is a high priority for the company. Voyatzoglou Systems is equipped with a state – of – the art ERP system that increases efficiency in sales, information and product management.

Voyatzoglou Systems S.A. employs 107 people, each one highly skilled in their respective field. The company believes its dynamic course is directly connected to the parallel development of its staff and therefore continuously invests in their development.

The company has implemented a series of initiatives which have further strengthened its leading position in the market. In 1999 it established a subsidiary company in Romania, VOYATZOGLOU SYSTEMS ROMANIA SRL which is in the same line of business as the mother company, but on a smaller scale. Moreover, in 2005 Voyatzoglou Systems founded a new subsidiary company entitled ORGANIZER STORES cash & carry equipment stores for the proffesional.

The company’s evolution and high growth rates over the past years have indicated that its modern organizational structures are capable to succesfully follow continuous market developments and secure future growth.


Success is never a matter of chance but the outcome of hard and consistent work.

We believe that the key to success is found on a basic principle that has been firm since its foundation.





“The ultimate customer satisfaction that it is always relevant and dependent on the ideal relationship between “value” and “price”.”

  • This principle is reflected in every single activity the company undertakes and this is why Voyatzoglou Systems is a market leader today.


  • Voyatzoglou Group to remain and be recognized as the largest Greek group in the equipment solutions and in the trade of technical products sectors.
  • To offer a broad range of well rounded and innovative & pioneering solutions in order to be a “one stop shop” that will meet all customer needs.
  • To ensure growth and return on investment.


  • Responsibility & Consistency
  • Team Spirit
  • Professional Recognition


The company’s headquarters are located in Metamorfosi, Attica on the 12th km of the Athens-Lamia National Road. All sales requirements are covered from its modern Logistics Centre at Magoula, Attiki.

Showrooms, displaying shopfitting and technical & DIY products, operate on a daily basis at the company’s headquarters. They offer clients the opportunity to see our comprehensive store furnishing solutions and suggestions as well as the broad selection of technical & DIY products, the company trades in the Greek market.