The management of VOYATZOGLOU SYSTEMS S.A. is being performed by a team of executives with academic knowledge and professional experience and it is comprised of:

Chairman and Managing Director & BoD Executive Member

Nikolaos Voyatzoglou

Vice President and BoD Εxecutive Member

Anna Voyatzoglou

Financial and Administrative Manager & BoD Executive Member

Andreas Tseperis

Non Executive BoD Members

Nina Voyatzoglou

Independent Non Executive BoD Members

Ioannis Verginis
Andreas Stamopoulos
Dimitris Skalaios

Other company executives:

Shop - Warehouse Fitting & Equipment Manager - Anna Voyatzoglou
Technical Product Merchandise and Distribution Manager - Nina Voyatzoglou
Logistics Manager - Xaramaras Georgios
Romania Subsidiary Manager & Administrator - Spiros Mallioglou
Computer Manager - Spiros Katsimilis
Internal Audit Officer - Marianthi Lappa
Investor Relations Officer - Aphrodite Peraki