The most advanced system for handling products!

What is Rotoshelf?

  • A unique patent for easy handling of products
  • More efficient and quick refilling of products
  • It can be installed in fridges and cupboards (with or without doors)

RotoShelf advantages

  • FIFO (first IN – first OUT)
  • Increase in sales up to 15%
  • Labour costs decrease up to 70%
  • Better consumer experience
  • Better control and less expired products

Restocking in 3 steps

  • Its philosophy is based on the “rotation” of the whole unit
  • Allowing the simultaneous and quick restocking
  • With the integrated Roller Track the products are always "on the front"

Environmentally friendly

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RotoShelf options

RotoShelf can be installed in any professional refrigerator (with or without doors)


and a representative will provide you with the necessary information you need.