Creating an attractive environment that strengthens the consumer’s experience.

Why should I invest in digital price tags?

Digital price tags saves time and therefore labour cost. You can also evade expensive mistakes-and customer dissatis-faction-keeping the prices always accurate. Last but not least, it is necessary for an effective handling of prices.

From the customer’s side:

  • The product and the price always match.
  • Fine and attractive design.

From the store’s side:

  • A system that combines price display and product promotion.
  • It uses minimal space-saving space for promoting the product itself.
  • Flexible and adaptable-an investment for today and tomorrow.


after installing digital price tags

Low labor costs

Any spending on improving efficiency gives a more payable investment yield.

Improves visibility

The space among the labels is given to the products.

No changes

Putting up an electronic price display does NOT require any changes on the present shelf labelling.

Sales increase

Optimizing the categories, improving product presentation and reducing product shortages heavily influence sales.

70% of all clients

do not buy a product if the price is not visible.

70% to 80% of clients

decide which product to buy while visiting the store


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