Automated product stocking system. The shelves will always look full!

Roller Track is the most modern way of organizing your shelf, offering full product visibility to the client, while at the same time reducing labour cost for the store.


Sales increase during rush hour


Shelf restocking saved time

During rush hour the shelves are usually half-empty, the products are on the back of the shelf (where there is no hope of being sold) and produce risks to be spoiled. At the same time, restocking the shelf takes time and the staff spends a lot of time fixing the front of the shelf rather than serving the clients.

Roller Track can solve all these problems offering:

- An organized shelf
- An improved stock alternation
- Price and product matching
- The shelves look fully stocked at all times
- Major decrease of restocking and organizing the shelf time

Roller Track is suitable for most retail stores (Food & non Food)






Roller Track is available in multiple dimensions and features many useful accessories for optimal product display!

Roller Track width stands between 41,6mm and 1328mm, where the depth starts from 277mm and up to 982mm.

Roller Track can be matched with special accessories that can give a specific angle, in order for the products to slide easily, according their size and weight. For Roller Tracks where their width is less than 540mm there's an accessory that features a 30cm height, and for Roller Tracks with height above 540mm there's a 80cm accessory. In case of products with big weight or volume there's an accessory with 75cm height.

In order to avoid product drops from the shelf when they slide on a Roller Track, there are available special transparent front sides with 1,5mm or 3mm thickness and a height 16mm - 63mm - 79mm.

For optimal product display on every shelf, there are available Roller Track accessories for impressive signage and merchandising.


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