over 30 years of experience & know-how!

Voyatzoglou Systems has been successfully operating for over three decades. The company’s experience and expertise in the field has classified Voyatzoglou Systems as the leader in the concept study, design and furnishing of every type of retail store.

Turnkey solutions

for construction-renovation of retail stores.

Planning & Designing

From a simple construction to a partial or full retail store renovation, we plan and design in every detail the area of the store, provided to the commercial and legal specifications. Planning & designing services are free of charge.

3D presentation

With the use of the most advanced designing programs, the customer receives a complete and precise 3D presentation of the store.


At this point, all the construction actions begin in order for the project to be completed exactly as presented in its 3D projection. During the whole process all the actions are being supervised by highly experienced partners in order to deliver the project on time and just as planned.

Constant Support

After the completion of a project, Voyatzoglou Systems stands by your side in order to provide any additional services regarding fitting equipment for your store or other similar needs that might come up in the near future.


for equipment & furnishing services

A dynamic team of architects, interior designers and sales consultants is at the client’s disposal; ready to address the special requirements and challenges of every project by offering thorough and creative solutions. Whether the project at hand is a whole or partial renovation or it involves the design of a new store from scratch, the Voyatzoglou Systems team is active, consistent and reliable in every step of the way. The company offers a large range of furnishing systems that are selected according to space requirements and the client’s budget.

However, the most important factors are that all furnishing systems are the result of a high quality industrial planning and design and have been studied and applied on numerous projects by international brands that specialize in the retail sector.

Store equipment & furnishing

of advanced, pioneering industrial design



over 300 companies have been cooperated with Voyatzoglou Systems
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Through the use of these systems and the added value of the company’s design team, Voyatzoglou Systems can turn each shop into a functional and efficient point of sale. In addition Voyatzoglou Systems provides the widest available range of products which help the retailer optimize the operation of his/her store. Such systems provide solutions in organising, labelling, displaying or moving merchandise around the store.

Finally Voyatzoglou Systems also enjoys a leading position in the warehouse furnishing market providing a complete range of storage systems for all types of products. Voyatzoglou Systems is virtually a one stop shop that invites all types of professionals to meet all of their expectations in regards to their retail needs. It is the company’s creative & innovative ideas, its successful partnerships and exceptional customer service that allow Voyatzoglou Systems to guarantee business success for its customers

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