The fastest order handling system / m2 on the market

AutoStore ™ gives customers the speed, accuracy and reliability they expect in today's fast-paced digital economy.

Considered the fastest control / control system on the market, AutoStore , compared to any automated system Storage and Recovery (ASRS) provides the highest density for automatic storage.

AutoStore is a flexible, modular robotic solution that can be tailored to the size and type of your repository and can be easily expanded during operations. when you exceed the capacity of your current storage system.

Your warehouse automation results in faster and more secure order management, higher storage density, fewer picking errors and continuous inventory control , giving you a real competitive edge in the marketplace.

AutoStore R5 and R5 + robots

Each robot is independently controlled, supporting a system with a single failure point and a running time of 99.7%.

Any robot can collect any bin and deliver it to any workstation. This efficiency means that you have access to 100% of the stock when you need it.

Robots are assigned tasks based on their location, always completing the nearest task following the shortest path.


Access to stock


Operating time

AutoStore B1 robot

The thinner B1 includes a cavity design to carry baskets into the robot’s body, housing a taller container (up to 425 mm) and unlocking additional storage potential.
The thinner body profile provides space for tighter and more crowded groups of robots.

B1 accelerates faster than other AutoStore robots. With individual motors with direct drive in each wheelbase and eliminating the need for drive belts, the robot’s acceleration is 75% higher than that of the R5.
Driving is more balanced and, on average, B1’s delivery performance is 20% higher than R5.


Full speed


Time required to change battery

Storage structure

All AutoStore components are standardized modules that are easy to assemble and easy to connect; there are only 17 different parts.

The structure is completed with tracks running in X and Y directions, allowing robots to access any cell.

Due to the modular design of the AutoStore, network expansion is very easy. Network extensions are isolated in an area that has no impact or downtime on normal operations during construction.


Unique pieces


Maximum height


Our ports are primarily concerned with employee safety, comfort and productivity.

Each workstation is designed at an optimal height and includes multiple safety features to prevent injury.

They are designed to maintain order without reducing efficiency.


of high-performance workstations


Safe and fast


Apparel & Beauty
Food Industry
Online Stores
Pharmaceutical industry


storage is done by bins