Requirement: I want to store objects of great length (e.g. timber sheets, pipes) in a safe and functional way.

Solution: the system of projective shelves “Cantilever” is a suitable solution for storing any types of large length items that cannot be palletized.

The projected “Cantilever” shelves are most suitable for high length material storage, (e.g. timber, pipes, plastic or aluminum profiles) or material of variable and bulky shape (e.g. furniture), as they fully cover the specific needs for functionality and safety.

Cantilever shelves consist of modular components and are completely self standing. i.e. there is no need for the system to be stabilized on the warehouse walls, roof or roof beams. the system height reaches up to 8 meters and the projected brackets can reach a length of 2 meters.

Cantilever joints are products of highly sophisticated industrial production and they are used in combination with closed “h” shaped solid column profiles. with the right combination one can literally handle any type of capacity requirement one may have.

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