Cantilever shelves can be used to store particularly long objects, like wood, pipes, plastic profiles, furniture, and objects with different volume, in general, because they can provide access to all their length, without the use of columns. Pallet racking is such an example.

Cantilever system is composed of parts that can be assembled and supported completely on their own, meaning that it is not necessary to stabilize it on a wall, roof etc.

Open type cantilever (columns & arms) can reach 12 meters in height. Arms can reach 2 meters in length. While the use of “H” shaped close type solid profiles can reach 8 meters in height, Cantilever can cover any load type, using the right element cross-section, through the application of industrial production techniques for structural link creation.


I want to store objects of great length (e.g. timber sheets, pipes) in a safe and functional way.


Cantilever system is a suitable solution for storing any types of large length items that cannot be palletized.