Cheese head antiseismic shelves

Integrated storage shelve system,
fully complying with all new
European antiseismic Directives

First antiseismic cheese head storage system

Antiseismic with controlled elasticity. The system’s structure is fully adjustable to all needs, without having to weld and stands out for its controlled elasticity that absorbs any seismic stress, thus avoiding possible slipping of the products.

Easy to adjust

The system has been created to be installed in already-existing warehouses without the need to modify the infrastructure and machinery already used.
The geometrical dimensions of every structural system suffice for every seismic area, ensuring maximum possible product capacity. No product positions are lost, thanks to the even distribution of support systems.
The system also supports most management machine types.


The cheese head storage system is certified by the recent European antiseismic Regulation EN16681 (dated 2016), offering maximum possible security.
This means that any issue related to strength, endurance, and certification of the welds per se, disappears.

Loading levels are slightly inclined towards the back to keep products in place, in the event of earthquakes. The system evenly distributes the seismic stress in the ground, without straining the floor, rendering the floor’s reinforcement unnecessary.

Use of antiseismic shelves | No use of antiseismic shelves


All the structural elements are made by high endurance steel S350GD, void of any radioactive pollution, as per Decree-Law 230 17/03/95.

Complete absence of welds in the system, offers perfect resistance in the passage of time as well as unique flexibility.

The system was used for the time first time 4 months after the catastrophic earthquake that struck Italy in 2012, offering a solution to the dairy product industry.


a representative will provide you with all the necessary information you need for the cheese head antiseismic shelves