Innovation. Efficiency. Automation.

Integrated CLICK & COLLECT system with indoors and outdoors smart lockers.

VOYATZOGLOU, answering to the retail industry’s contemporary needs for quick product delivery, presents, as Parcel Hive’s exclusive representative for Greece, Cyprus and Romania, the integrated Click & Collect system for businesses that want their products delivered fast and efficiently 24/7/365.

NO MORE delays on product deliveries.

NO MORE queues to receive your order.

Delivery options according to the customer’s wishes.

APM first touch effective delivery indicator reaching 100%.

Sales increase.


24/7 availability.

Customer service call reduction concerning product delivery information.

Significant reduction of order returns caused by unsuccessful deliveries.


You place your order online on any cooperative company that uses Parcel Hive’s Click & Collect system.


You select the closest Parcel Hive delivery point.


You receive on your smartphone via sms & email a unique reception code.


You go to the Parcel Hive point at the time and date with the code you have received.

  • Parcel Hive is specifically addressed to e-commerce customers.
  • This is the ideal service for consumers that can’t or won’t change their schedule just to be at home to receive their order.
  • Apart from the standard delivery method (door-to-door), customers can also choose Parcel Hive’s smart lockers as a delivery point, through an interactive map.
  • A Courier receives the product and places it in the smart locker that the customer choses (e.g., Kifisia).
  • When the product reaches the smart lockers, the recipient receives an SMS notification or an email with the PIN code as well as the information on how to receive their order.
  • Using the touch screen of the smart lockers as well as the PIN code received via SMS or email, the customer receives their parcel.

Parcel Hive can be placed outdoors or indoors, and is made by a special metal layering, which is not only weatherproof but also resistant to vandalisms. It also comes with a monitoring system. It can be adjusted to various arrangements and patterns, according to the needs of the business, while its software Cloud-based technology allows for complete locker control, no matter where they are.

It is ideal for Retail, Couriers, Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Pitches, Gyms, Universities, the Catering industry etc., which need smart lockers, smart screens & ordering systems.


The software is especially designed to ensure Parcel Hive’s smooth operation and acts as a real smart locker.

Efficiency maximization through the empty locker rental, in an easy and smart way, thanks to its high-quality software.

Parcel Hive is made of high-quality cold-rolled stainless steel. Special layering for outdoor use. Ideal for temperatures ranging from -35°C to 40°C (outdoor temperature in the shade).

Installation of an efficient ozonation system in every locker. It eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Top-quality electronic locks for continuous and heavy work. Locks have been tested for use more than 100.000 times.

Open lock detection with a sensor that detects if the locker is close and resource efficient.

Sensor volume detection for full/empty locker status (extra feature).

Ability to show advertising spots (using various screen sizes).

Consumers can “test” the product before buying it (extra feature).

Complete camera monitoring (extra feature).


Parcel Hive can be adjusted in many different arrangements and patterns, according to the needs of the business.

Main unit smart locker

Additional unit smart locker



and a representative will provide you with all the necessary information about Parcel Hive