Drive in system is used in high density storage with limited code numbers (pallets of the same type per shelf tunnel). The trucks go into the shelves to load or unload pallets, which are stored on rails.

The first pallet to go through the system first is, usually, the last one to go out (LIFO). There is also the possibility of a drive-through system creation, by creating aisles on both sides of the construction. This way, the first pallet to go in the system, is the one that will also come out first.

The system offers the following:
- High density storage, cubic space maximization and economy as more pallets are stored per cubic meter, compared to other storage systems.
- Limited stock alternation, suitable system for seasonal merchandise and changing stock demand.
- Ideal system for fridge and refrigerator storage.
- Ideal system for sensitive and fragile products that cannot be packed.


Ι have many similar pallets for storage. Τo ensure safety and avoid damages in production, i cannot stack them one on the other, but i should contain as many pallets as possible in a specific space.


Drive In system even though it reduces distribution speed, it also offers high storage density for a limited amount of codes (one code per tunnel). This type of high density storage, besides normal use, is also particularly suitable for refrigerators or cold storages.