Requirement: I need to handle various types of stock and utilize my warehouse space efficiently without requiring specialized handling machinery.

Solution: The system “live storage” provides stock handling on a “first in – first out” (fifo) basis, while ensuring suitable space exploitation. however, it should be taken into account that good quality pallets should be used consistently for optimal efficiency.

The pallets are stored in a block system on sloping roller conveyor tracks supported on pallet racking. Pallets are loaded from the top end and roll forward under the force of gravity when a pallet is retrieved from the bottom end. the system can be adapted for either pallet or carton applications.


of Live Storage:

  • First in first out system – provides automatic stock rotation.
  • Dense form of storage – more economical
  • One dedicated loading face and one retrieval face – speed of operation in movement of goods around warehouse.

The key advantage of a live storage system is that it can provide for a large number of pallets and cases in depth. the speed of the system highly depends on the quality of the roller conveyor track.

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