Requirement: I need to be able to pick small items in a high density environment without the use of mechanic handling equipment.

Solution: Mezzanine shelves Multiple-level shelves where vertical elements support the shelves, as well as the pedestrians’ aisles of access. Merchandise may be loaded at higher levels, or picked from higher levels, with the use of forklifts or inclining conveyor belts.

The most cost efficient method of increasing the storage capacity of your space. the mezzanine shelves are modular constructions, that are made of interlocking elements and are adapted even to the most specific space requirements.

All of their structural elements are made of high tensile - strength steel; en 10240 3.1B certified. The patented uprights, main component of the system, are galvanized through sendZiMir process, and guarantees product longevity.

The profile, a closed cross-section without perforation or sections, allows the connections to take place at eight points along four sides. this gives the possibility to create mezzanines of unlimited forms and arrangements, while maximizing the storage capacity of the space.

The design of various elements is the result of strict technical tests and expertise that has accumulated through the many years of experience of the manufacturers that Voyatzoglou Systems is in partnership with.

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