Light and medium load system continuity and evolution provide the most viable and ideal solution in order to increase your space’s storage capacity by building two or three level mezzanines of different types and dimensions.

This is achieved because the vertical elements do not only support shelves but also offer pedestrian aisle access. All their structural points are manufactured by tensile strength high-endurance steel, certified as per the EN 10240 3.1B Directive.

Continuous and strict experimental tests are the cornerstone for the design and development of all storage system individual parts, offered by VOYATZOGLOU.

Our suppliers’ accumulated experience and know-how results to our continuous investment productivity improvement as far as storage spaces are concerned.


I need to be able to pick small items in a high density environment without the use of mechanic handling equipment.


Mezzanine shelves Multiple-level shelves where vertical elements support the shelves, as well as the pedestrians’ aisles of access. Merchandise may be loaded at higher levels, or picked from higher levels, with the use of forklifts or inclining conveyor belts.