Requirement: i need to utilize my space (in regards to height and surface) in the best possible way. i need to be able to access each individual pallet and adjust each pallet’s height.

Solution: Pallet racks. They can be applied to an arrangement of narrow and larger aisles. Pallet racks are flexible according to the machinery used. the system offers the flexibility of handling pallets of different height.

The back-to-back pallet racking system is a high end application of static ability that stores materials of high weight and volume. it is produced from galvanized steel, that provides system longevity and is certified according to the en 102443.1 and the tuV Product service gmbh standards.

Voyatzoglou systems carefully studies the available storage space and the customer’s special needs regarding loading, height and product traffic in order to offer the ideal solutions that will maximize efficiency of their warehouse.

Pallet racking is the most widely used storage system for all palletized and non-palletized loads. Single or double sided (back to back) rows of racking are separated by wide aisles which can be sized to suit the customers existing fork-lift trucks operation.

Pallet racking systems offer:

100% accessibility to individual pallets.

  • Adjustable beams in height ensure that the system can suit all pallet sizes to maximize space utilization.
  • Use of conventional fork-lift trucks.
  • Easily installed or repositioned. Good occupancy rates.

The pallet racking system has a storage capacity of up to 30 tons per system unit while the construction can be built up to 13,5 meters high. the system provides the highest of safety, load capacity and functionality standards. the use of “Ω” shaped profiles for the systems’ columns provides higher vertical strength to the system compared to “C” shaped profiles that are used by most manufacturers.

The pallet racking system allows the use of different types of forklift trucks

depending on customer needs and warehouse space specifications.

  • In aisles between 2.80 & 3.00m reach-trucks are used.
  • In aisles between 2.40-2.60m manually operated forklifts are used.
  • In aisles between 1.70 & 1.80m Vna (Very narrow aisle) type of forklifts are used.

The correct understanding of customer needs in regards to warehouse specifications is of high importance. Voyatzoglou systems experienced personnel has the required knowledge to provide to customers the ideal solution for the efficient use of their storage space. a solution that achieves maximum capacity and productivity.

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