Mobile racking is the ideal solution for storing and managing archive material. it utilizes space almost 100% , since it does not require access aisles on each row. an aisle is created when the entry row is selected. Mobile archives are placed on rolling metal bases that move on metal rails.

Characteristics of Mobile archives:

- Doubling of space utilization.
- Protection and controlled archiving for your documents.
- Designed according to the best specifications and ensuring functionality and efficiency.
- Manufacture with high-quality materials guaranteeing silent movement.
- Expandable at a low cost.
- Compatible with locks and central locking system.


I need a system for storing and managing archive material at a limited surface.


Mobile archives offer almost 100% space utilization since they do not require access aisles in each row as they roll on metal rails. flexible in use, with high material quality, they constitute the ideal solution for your documents’ protection and controlled record-keeping.