Requirement: I need high density storage, that can accommodate numerous pallet codes and distribute them fast, without the employment of specialized lifting machinery.

Solution: “Push Back” is a system that provides a larger storage capacity than the “drive-in” solution, as it receives more pallet codes per tunnel level. it offers the ability of rapid access to pallets with the use of standard type forklifts.

A form of live storage where pallets are stored one behind the other, to a total depth of up to five pallets. Pallets are loaded onto a trolley which pushes the other pallets back up a channel rail with the help of gravity. when a pallet is retrieved the remaining ones will roll forward into position. Pallets are accessed from one side only.

Push Back characteristics:

Pallets are only accessible from one end

  • Quick easy access to all lines.
  • Maximum use of floor space.
  • It can store a larger number of skus compared to “drive in”
  • Suitable for bulk storage/cold storage/chill storage applications.

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