General Information

General Information   

Market: Main Market
Share Code: VOSYS
Sector: Industrial Goods & Services - Industry Suppliers
Share Type: Common Nominal

Investor Relations Officer: Afrodite Peraki


  1. Merchandise and Distribution of Technical Products
  2. Comprehensive Store & Storage Facilities Equipment Solutions (Operations)

Year of Establishment: 1992
Entry to the ATHEX: 26/10/2000

Company / Group Staff

Board of Directors

Chairman and Managing Director & BoD Executive Member

Nikolaos Voyatzoglou

Vice President and Executive BoD Member

Anna Voyatzoglou

Financial and Administrative Manager & BoD Executive Member

Andreas Tseperis

Non Executive Bod Member

Nina Voyatzoglou

Independent Non Executive Bod Members

Andreas Stamopoulos
Ioannis Verginis
Dimitris Skalaios

Other company executives:

Shop - Warehouse Fitting & Equipment Manager - Anna Voyatzoglou
Technical Product Merchandise and Distribution Manager - Nina Voyatzoglou
Logistics Manager - Georgios Xaramaras
Romania Subsidiary Manager & Administrator - Spiros Mallioglou
Computer Manager - Spiros Katsimilis
Internal Audit Officer - Marianthi Lappa
Investor Relations Officer - Aphrodite Peraki


12km National Road Athens – Lamia ,
Metamorfosi 144 51, Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 2888600
Fax: +30 210 2888699